QOL Feature: Hotkeys on dashboard

What would you like to have?

Hotkeys on the dashboard similar to Google Calendar. Pressing “w” changes the view to Week, Pressing “t” changes the view to today, so on and so forth.

What is your use-case?

I have to click the day filters to change my preferred view. Normally I like to change to see what the current users as of today are.

How does it help other customers?

Quicker navigation for power users :muscle:

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Like! Do you have a list of hotkeys? Can think of quite a few, but which ones are power-user-hotkeys?

t: today
w: week
m: month
3: 3 months

shift + cmd + 1: first project in dropdown
shift + cmd + 2: second… etc etc

p: toggle pageviews
v: toggle visitors

and then probably hotkey some saved custom views?
(pathname matching, country, etc)

I love that idea. It shouldn’t be too much work on our end. Sounds like a good weekend project.