Live Visitors are more Live PageViews

Expected Behavior

“Live Visitors” shows every page view of a visitor. So one Visitor counts as one live visitor.

Actual Behavior

“Live Visitors” behaves like “live page views”. One visitor goes in 60 seconds through different pages and each page view will be counted as a “Live visitor”. So at the first look you think you currently have 4 Live visitors on your page but it is just one visitor which is navigating over 4 different pages one after the other.

Steps to Reproduce the Problem

  1. Open the website as visitor
  2. Go over different sub pages within 60 seconds
  3. Each page visit will be shown as one single Live visitor.


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We use the green/gray circle before the visit to indicate whether it’s a first-time page view or not.

We got some customers saying it didn’t work when they refreshed their website. But I think you’re right, it’s a bit of a wrong word, we can update that. I would love to improve that whole live visitors section. You have any ideas on how to do that (next to the naming thing).

We got some feedback already:

  • Show the full page
  • Make pages clickable
  • Show a map (not sure if we want to do that - simple wise)