Keep stats private but invite clients so only they can view their analytics

What would you like to have?

Instead of making all the websites either fully private or fully public, I’d like to by default everything be private but for certain websites invite other people to be able to view the analytics.
Easier option 2: Keep everything the same as it is, but generate a secret spectator link which only your client would have to view the private analytics.

What is your use-case?

If you’re a freelance web dev and want to host all the websites under your own subscription, how would you give your clients access to their analytics without sharing your password? Give them the ability to view the analytics.

How does it help other customers?

I think this will be a heavily requested feature once people move into the Business plan up from the Starter plan

This will be possible with our future agency plan. You can’t have one subscription with all your customer websites. They need their own subscription or you need the agency plan.

What will be the difference then between the Business plan and Agency plan?

Business is for one business, agency can have multiple clients (so they can have multiple teams for a better price than one account per customer).

Alright gotcha, any approximate ETA on the agency plan release?

It’s kind of done, but we need to deploy it together with the new pricing. I guess, a few months from now.

This would be very interesting. Most of my clients ‘want’ analytics but don’t do much with it at all. If I could offer them a privacy friendly alternative to google analytics without asking them to create their own simple analytics account that might just be a perfect ‘upsell.’

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Any updates on this? :eyes:

That feature got a bit of added scope meanwhile. We are still working hard on it, but no public ETA yet.

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