Is there a way to track outbound link clicks?

Is it possible to track outbound link clicks?

I’d like to see, for example, how many times an affiliate link is clicked in a month and from which posts.

Yes, check out Automated events | Simple Analytics Docs

Thank you.

Just so I know, is this set up right?

I’m not sure what a snippet is, but the HTML looks good.

Is there a way to only check the link_url contains with the outbound clicks?

I’m not sure what your question it, but you can see the link from outbound links on our Events’ Explorer:

Hello and thank you for the answer.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to figure this out and I don’t seem to have those options available on the metadata fields.

Not sure what to do next…

Do you see events starting with outbound_?

These are all the options I have.

I don’t see events. Do you have a live website where you have outbound links? Please share as much as possible. Otherwise I can’t really help you.