I want to set a goal of measuring page views in a /folder

In Goals, I click on Add goal, choose Event Name of page view (no other options in the drop-down, unfortunately), Add filter, select Path in the dropdown, then in the right field, “/ateamapps/veh_tuning/” without the quotes. But after clicking Add goal, nothing is measured on the Visitors screen for that box, yet there are many pages measured for that folder in the dashboard.

What am I doing wrong to measure the page views of a folder?

Could you share a screen shot?

The line counting 900 is in the /helps folder.

Here is how I filled out the form.

Can’t find that page: https://apps.associatedelectrics.com/ateamapps/helps

I see…it doesn’t open all the sub-folders where the index.html files are located.

But if I name a specific index.html page in that folder, then the results show.

Does this mean that I can’t count all the page views in all the sub-folders of a folder? If so, I’m back where I started. I couldn’t figure out how to do this in GA4, but we could in UA.

I think I see how to do it. “Funnel” all the index.html pages together in one goal.