Histogram Conversion % for 1st and Last Metric

Hey all, realize this may not technically be a bug but it’s very confusing for funnel metrics. I created a funnel using 3 metrics. In the case of my job board website: (1) unique page views (2) clicking a job (3) clicking apply.

Expected Behavior

I would expect each day’s % in the histogram to show the smaller conversion % of users who clicked a job and clicked apply.

Actual Behavior

Instead, it shows: of all the users who clicked a job that day, what % also clicked apply here.

e.g. For the following funnel:
pageview – 10% → clicked job – 50% → apply here
The end-to-end conversion is 50% x 10% = 5%. But that day on the histogram would show 50%. I would like to see the end to end conversion % each day to tell (a) are users making it all the way through (b) see this with % so its independent of my traffic.

Steps to Reproduce the Problem

  1. Create a funnel using 3 metrics
  2. Select it from goals tab
  3. Click the histogram view
  4. See that each point in the graph shows % of users who converted from 2 to 3, instead of from metric 1 to 3.


Hey Donald, thanks for your first post to our community!

Could you share a screenshot of that 50% x 10% not being 5%?

A little sidenote: How we collect data from your visitors. As we don’t track them, we only collect events in so-called buckets. You can make a “funnel” of those buckets, but the events don’t necessarily are sequential by session.

Hi Adriaan! Thanks for responding. The bucketing makes sense.

In the Goals tab screenshot, you can see my funnel of 3 metrics. On November 23rd, you can see the conversion was 100%. This is because the last 2 metrics were equal (there were 8). I expected to see 8 apply here clicks / 583 unique page views = 1% that day instead of the 8 job clicks / 8 apply here clicks = 100%.

Thanks! So it seems it only takes the last 2 steps in your funnel, right? Will make sure this gets fixed in Goals v2.

That’s correct. Thanks Adriaan! It’s been a pleasure using your team’s product. I’m happy we can support an indie product while getting something better than GA at the same time. Looking forward to the fix.

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