Compare pageviews between periods

What would you like to have?

When I see my pageviews over a certain period, I want to be able to compare that in one graph with the same period in the previous year or years.

What is your use-case?

I manage a website that generates a large amount of traffic in a fixed period annually. I want to be able to monitor and benchmark the progress during that period.

How does it help other customers?

I assume everyone wants to make comparisons. In my case, it’s for a period of several weeks compared to previous years. For other users, the time units might be different (hours, days, weeks, months, quarters) but the question remains the same.

Auto translated from Dutch to English

This could be a fun use-case for our new AI feature. Would you mind trying that out?

Nice tip! In the third attempt the AI delivered to my needs! :+1:

I’m so happy to see that you can get it out of our AI. Super nice! Thanks for sharing the whole conversation. Super helpful for us.