Can I filter out my own accesses?

My website does not have too many visits. Many are from myself while texting in html and checking the result inside the browser.
Is it possible to filter out own accesses to my website?
Thanks for reading my post :slight_smile:

I asked that question of AI in Simple Analytics and got this response:

To filter out your IP address directly in the Simple Analytics dashboard, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Visit Your Dashboard: Go to the Simple Analytics dashboard for your website.

Go to Settings: Find and click on the "Settings" section.

Locate IP Filtering Option: Within the Settings, there should be an option for filtering IP addresses. This section allows you to exclude specific IP addresses from your analytics data.

However, I could not see the filtering option on that page.

AI is making stuff up here.

You can use our extension: Block your visits extension | Simple Analytics Docs

Thank you. But I couldn’t find an IP-filtering option. Can you please show me?

We only offer that for business customers with a custom domain. If that’s the case for you, please contact support to get it sorted!

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The browser extension on Chrome is your friend

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Did you change something? Since today my own visits don’t show up. Thumbs up, if it is a feaure!
Kind smile, if just something went wrong.
Love your service, anyway!

Thanks Svenja! We didn’t change anything that I know of, though. But glad it’s working for you. Do you use the extension now?

No extension.
I found the solution to my problem by pure stupidity: Created a new webpage and forgot to insert the analytics code. So I could test it a thousand times without showing up in Analytics report. When the new page is ready, I will insert the SA script. So simple…
Thanks a lot for your help.

Haha, we have all been in a similar situation, glad it’s sorted! :slight_smile:

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