Ability to add "contains" (or regex?) to goal setup for url paths

What would you like to have?

Ability to specify that a url contains a string as one of the steps for a goal

What is your use-case?

My app is set up such that if a user visits their profile, the url path would be /profile/[USERID]. Of course, this user ID is unique for every user.

I want to set up a goal that a user has visited this page. As per screenshot below, I currently cannot create a step in the goal which lets the USERID be a variable.

How does it help other customers?

More dynamic goal creation.

Hey Chris, thanks for your suggestion. In your case, doesn’t the “Starts with” work?

Like select “Starts with” and value /profile/

Ugh I’m so sorry, yes I think that would work.

Let me test it out when I get a sec and I’ll update this request.

Thank you for the response!